MEET OUR THERAPY DOG, RIPLEYmeet our pediatric dental therapy dog

Ripley is our new team member offering Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) to our patients.

About AATmeet our pediatric dental therapy dog

Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) is a type of therapy that strategically incorporates human-animal interactions into a formal dental treatment. It is considered an adjunct and is guided by an AAT handler to work with a certified animal. AAT uses the human-animal bond in goal-directed interventions as an integral part of the treatment process.

Benefits of AAT:

Reduction of blood pressure , Stress reduction, Reduction of anxiety (not related to animal phobias), Dementia, Decrease depression, Ability to address grief/loss issues, Emotion recognition, Emotion regulation, Motivation, Self-esteem enhancement, Developmental disorders, Emotional and behavioral problems, Improved socialization, Improved communication, Opportunity to feel important, Increase engagement, Improve cooperation, Promote the ability to trust.

About Ripley

Dental office is not stress free for all patients. Some patients need extra support during their visits. Dr. Beanca has learned about how therapy dogs could help sick children at hospitals, and how they could help people go through stressful life events. Dr. Beanca believes there is a place for therapy dogs to help patients at her dental office. That is when she started by choosing a breed to offer the service, a breed that is hypoallergenic and intelligent to go through the necessary training. Dr. Beanca decided on a Sheepadoodle (a hybrid of Old English Sheep Dog and Poodle), who is fluffy and soft for children to pet, and who has the trainable attributes to become a therapy dog.

Since acquiring Ripley, he has been through extensive training with different trainers local and afar. Ripley is an AKC certified Canine Good Citizen and a certified therapy reading dog with a local organization whose teams read with children in libraries of Orange County. Ripley is affectionate, gentle and loving. He is here to create a PAW-SI-TIVE experience for your child's dental visit! Ask for Ripley when you make your child's appointment with Dr. Beanca!

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